Journey to the southernmost continent on earth - Antarctica. Almost entirely covered in ice of depths approximately 1.5 km, Antarctica is the breeding ground for sea life including Emperor, King, Rockhopper and Gentoo penguins. Unbound Expeditions has a range of expedition vessels suited to take you on your exploration of the great white continent. Search our Antarctica page to discover your ideal voyage! But first, take a look at a few of our favourites:

Galapagos of the Southern Ocean

A 13 day journey to the south of New Zealand on the Spirit of Enderby where there are six groups of remote Sub Antarctic islands. These islands are home to sea lions, yellow eyed penguins, royal penguins, gentoos, rockhoppers and many other species of wildlife!

In the Footsteps of Douglas Mawson

Follow in the footsteps of the great Antarctic explorer Sir Douglas Mawson on a 26 day cruise to East Antarctica. The Spirit of Enderby will be your vessel as you discover the Sub Antarctic Islands as well as the Antarctic mainland!

Classic Antarctica

Depart from Ushuaia and embark on an 11 day journey where you will cross the Drake Passage and explore the South Shetland Islands as well as the Antarctic Peninsula. Search for seabirds and whales against a backdrop of snow capped mountains and icebergs.