With over 20 years of experience combined, our team at Unbound are a well travelled, well read and highly zealous group of professionals, passionate in what we do. As Australia's only dedicated Expedition Cruise website, we feel confident that our wealth of knowledge and practice in the business culminates in providing the highest standards of global tourism within the industry in Australia.

Unbound is also a company with vision and mission. We have made strong commitments to the environments and regions we tour in, assisting and working closely within the local communities. You can read more about this on our Sustainability Page.

Ultimately, Unbound is a company with big ideas and clear objectives. We want to be the best in our field whilst maintaining a personal and accessible service. Each member of our team has contributed his own knowledge and experiences to the website and company, and will be on hand with each enquiry and booking. Unbound was made with a vision of offering a hugely varied list of tours worldwide in order for each client's need to be provided for, and we are sure we have succeeded.

Even within each continent itself, we have endeavoured to provide a comprehensive and diverse list of itineraries varying in nature, comfort level and duration with an ends to cater for everybody. Each tour has been appropriated a comfort level, through economy and expeditioner to luxury. The length of your cruise can range from 5 to 25+ days and our expedition cruise ships vary from holding 5 - 140 passengers so that you can personally consider the level of space, comfort, company and intimacy of the trip.

We have selected voyages that are designed to be unique, exploratory adventures, to fulfill those "once-in-a-lifetime" goals. Our vessels span from intimate river cruisers such as the Iquitos, perfect for sailing down the Amazon; the Tocorimé, Brazil's only Tall Ship, built for sailing along those exotic landscapes; deluxe yachts such as The Corinthian II, an all-suite vessel cruising you through the sights and sounds of the Med; world-class icebreaker vessels taking us to the extremities of the north and south and from there our favourite zodiac, allowing us our most personal encounters with polar wildlife and the ability to take us places so remote they will have only been seen by just a privileged few.

We are a registered Australian Company (ABN: 65 110 269 380) and licensed travel agent (NSW 2TA5968). As a registered operator we are also fully bonded members of the Travel Compensation Fund which is a fund that ensures our customers money is held safely giving  peace of mind. This is a requirement of us under Australian law. Please always check that any tour you book has the same level of bonding and protection to the consumer.